Tax Services

Tax Services
Tax Preparation

Tax preparation

If a return is prepared carelessly one can end up paying hundreds and even thousands of additional dollars in taxes. It can sometimes only take one small mistake. We carefully prepare taxes for individuals, businesses, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, non-profit groups and estates and trusts.

Our CPAs & Accountants

Our CPAs and accountants are up to date on the latest tax law changes and apply that knowledge to each tax return we prepare. Our mission is to have each tax payer pay the least amount of taxes legally allowed.
Our CPAs & Accountants
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Our clients enjoy a wide range of tax planning. We guide them through each tax year using strategic planning and management tools. Each client has a customized plan that minimizes their taxes and maximizes their cash flow. This in connection with our other financial and estate planning makes for powerful results for our clients.

Tax problem resolution

Its unpleasant, but at times the Government will send you a notice. The first thing to remember is that they are not always correct. We work with our clients, the IRS and state regulatory agencies to resolve all sorts of issues. The key is to stay calm and give us a call. More often than not there is a reasonable solution to their questions and notices. We help our clients through these mine fields each and every week. We have had tremendous success in resolving these issues before they become a problem.
Tax Problem Resolution
Federal And State Representation

federal and State representation

About 1% of all tax returns are audited each year by the IRS. At Stamos and Stamos our audit rate is roughly one tenths of that! We pride ourselves on being able to identify those “red flag” issues that can walk a client into deep waters. That said we are not afraid to defend a deduction or strategy if it is legal and the client is entitled to the deduction.

new clients

Many new clients come to us looking for help when they discover that their return has been selected for audit. We love this work. We can roll up our sleeves and work towards a favorable outcome. We have had great success in this area.
New Clients

We have saved our clients millions of dollars & thousands of hours of frustration

Let us be your Outsourced CFO. We will create a better accounting system with usable dynamic information that not only helps you run your business with ease but increases your profits!