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Streamline your finances, save time and money, and get the ball rolling with our expert analysis.
Cash = The life of your company
Profit margins = Your measure for success
Sadly, a lot of businesses still don’t understand this, and that’s where we come in.

When is outsourced CFO the right call for me?

Wondering if an outsourced CFO is the right call for your business? Here’s how you know

Not getting the reports you need?

Timely reports are vital. If you want your business to REALLY grow, you need accurate financial reporting and sound advice to go with it. That combination leads to competent decision making and planning. This helps you develop strong competitive positioning, an evolving business model, and more.

You need a leader for your annual budgeting process

Budgeting is a tool that every successful business can use. It’s hard enough to grow a business but to do it without a road map? A solid budget is a road map to success. Our outsourced CFO program focuses on clear-cut budgeting that our clients can use and understand. Your budget should keep you on track, motivate your staff and provide you with the feedback you need to measure your business' success.

You need help identifying KPIs that will skyrocket your growth

Finding the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) isn’t straightforward - It’s a meticulous process mapping out your industry, analyzing growth stage indicators and nourishing them to outperform your competitors. At S&S, we do EXACTLY that, and more.

Do you answer to a board, bank and/or investor team?

At S&S, we create customized, tailored reporting packets that will impress your board/investors, and proactively deliver insights that will help your business move forward.

25+ years of excellence


Here’s what we do for YOU.
Our offer is simple, yet it makes all the difference for you and your business. We utilize your financial data, compiled by our own team, to inform and guide you. We do this with customized solutions that will establish a solid growth strategy. These steps will put YOU and your team on the map. With us, you save money, time, and frankly, skip the hassle of those late night sessions with your accounting team trying to figure it out on your own.
We harbor real-world experience, expertise and industry knowledge. We have been implementing strategic solutions that address a full range of financial challenges and opportunities for over a quarter of a century!

Outsourced CFO - Our Services

Our prepackaged outsourced CFO offer gives you fullscale access to all of our services, so we can come in, analyze your business, and help you save the time, and skip the hassle
Here’s what’s included:

Business Growth Plan

Tax Planning

Payroll Management

Optimizing Business Budgets

Results-driven financial planning (and reporting)

Retirement planning

With our CFO, you get IN-DEPTH financial reporting that saves you money, gives you insight to business profits, and helps you bring in CONSISTENT GROWTH.

The first step in the success of your business is being knowledgeable about your business’ financial health, and that starts with hard numbers and detailed financial reports. Our experts will assist you with analyzing these hard numbers and detailed reports. We help you with business planning, payroll management, tax planning, and much more!

We’ve helped save our clients MILLIONS of dollars, and produce even more capital  - Here’s what they say:

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