How We Assist clients with lending needs both conventional and SBA

We work hand in hand with our clients and their lenders to obtain the financing they need before, during and after the process. This includes conventional home loans, business lending and if needed SBA loans. We work with helping the client determine lending amounts needed, selecting the correct institution, finding the best rates and ultimately helping them develop a comfortable pay back plan. Often lenders require that specific documents be crafted. We have seen it all.

how we do Business Consulting

We are there to help our clients build the best accounting, finance and internal control systems. We guide our clients in developing a finance and accounting function system to will do more than just process transactions and produce financial reporting.  It will produce insight and drive the actions that will impact their organization’s operations and profitability.

Business consulting personalized to fit your specific needs

The system we put into place will assist our clients in developing and managing appropriate strategic, cultural, and structural changes that stream line their business and give them the tools to grow their business. The system will provide them with personalized processing and support materials. We help individuals and/or businesses turn goals into reality.

Bookkeeping / Software Consulting

We train you and your staff! We have worked with hundreds of small business. We train them to accurately close their books each month and have up to the minute data that helps them manage their business. Ever wonder how much cash you really have in the bank? How much money you owe others? Who owes you and how much? How about a useable budget?

We have saved our clients millions of dollars & thousands of hours of frustration

Let us be your Outsourced CFO. We will create a better accounting system with usable dynamic information that not only helps you run your business with ease but increases your profits!

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